Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club presents: The Route of all Evil Fun Ride

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Beacon Underwriting is proud to be a sponsor of the Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club’s annual Route of all Evil fun ride.

The annual Route of All Evil Fun Ride is a ride hosted by the club every year with an ‘A’ Loop (hard – usually over 50KM long) and a ‘B’ Loop (easier, but still a hard loop unless you’re an experienced rider, usually about 30KM long). The club has a BBQ after the ride with prizes (provided by the club’s corporate sponsors) to be given away. It’s a fun and challenging day.

With 154 registered riders showing up to enjoy some group trail riding, the event was a major success!

Here is an awesome YouTube video the BMMC put together of the event and more photos below:

Blue Mountain has over 120 KM of trails – all maintained by volunteers. There are work parties held usually about monthly (see forum or Facebook for dates) – the work parties are vital to the maintenance of the trails. It’s hard work, but very rewarding and a great opportunity to socialize with other riders.

Each trail has a trail rating. Some trails may have different ratings, depending on whether you’re going ‘up’ or ‘down’ the trail. Some trails are specified as ‘downhill only’, and some trails are downhill only in wet conditions.

If you would like to Donate to the Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club, please visit their website at:

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