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Here’s a pic of myself after catching a large rainbow trout on Hidden Lake near Enderby.

The story that goes with this picture is that we had been on the lake fishing for a while but had not had any bits when Rick said ‘you know it’s always been my experience that as soon as you bring out food, that’s when the fish start biting’ my response was ‘is that your way of telling me your hungry, lol’ not really believing that was true. So I took out a few snacks we had brought along and wouldn’t you know it as soon as I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth I got a hit on my line. I couldn’t believe the irony of the timing of this after what Rick had said, lol. The biggest bonus was the size if the fish I caught.

Hidden Lake is a beautiful lake which also has 48 campsites that include picnic tables and out houses.

-Evelyne Stremel (Underwriter Manager)

Mabel Lake, BC

Oooh my favorite lake around here would have to be Mabel Lake. We spend a lot of the time out there on our boat. Tubing, water skiing, wake boarding, meeting up with friends at their cabin or there is one spot on the lake, boat access only, where we usually go park for the day and spend the day on the beach and in the water and enjoy a picnic.. There is a creek that runs right beside it so it’s very peaceful, and really cold and refreshing on a hot summer day.

One of the reasons I love Mabel lake so much is there is no cell service so we get to unplug and play with the family with no interruptions.

-Jessica Clark (Toys Underwriter)

Moraine Lake, AB

A couple of years ago, my wife and I were camping in the Lake Louise area.  Late one sunny afternoon we took our kayaks out on Moraine Lake and paddled until sunset.  It was absolutely spectacular.  You get such a different perspective from the water.  Being out in the middle of that incredibly blue lake surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers was an amazing experience.  Moraine Lake in Banff National Park is definitely one of my favourites.

-David Marsh (President)

Lillooet Lake, BC

Back when I lived in Whistler I used to spend most weekends out in the bush camping, hiking or on the search for a new adventure. One of my favorite camping spots, and not too far of a trek from Whistler was a beautiful little camping spot called Strawberry point on Lillooet lake. The clear blue water was always a treat and a wonderful campground to set up camp and do some fishing, not that I ever catch anything!

-Nolan Keeley (Toys Underwriter)

Harrison River, BC

While many marvel at the beauty of great lakes, Nathan is not one to overlook the charm of rivers. He ponders, “Does a river count?” and unabashedly declares Harrison River as his absolute favorite. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple—this is the very spot where he tied the knot and embarked on a lifelong journey of adventure.

-Nathan Tjandrawinata (Vice President, Cansure)

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